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Future of the internet

In 20 years – we will turn idea into the most powerful information tool.

Where it’s heading next:

  • webscience – the semantic web
  • better understand what we want to see
  • more user generated content
  • looking to link data together to form a web of linked data
  • more refined search and questions
  • “access language” to find specific information
  • cloud of IP will surround individuals
  • even more dependant on it in the future

Web-free computers – Apple is pushing the boundaries.
Speech will become more important and mobile web will be the norm
the browser will disappear and apps will become more important, allowing us to do more without devices. It’s important we get a grip on it now and understand it to progress.

Corporations – Microsoft battling Google

browser vs. surfaces:

  • touchscreen and interactive
  • 3D graphics
  • cloud computing
  • immersive and visually appealing

There are obvious engineering challenges, as the web becomes one large computer.
Project Natal” is Microsoft’s latest innovative project to be released this year.

The web’s future is mobile. Your phone is your alter ego and an extension of who you are. The new rule is “mobile first.” In the future your car, what you eat, the clothes you wear will all be information connected to the web. A phone can be an augmentation of your environment without overcrowding and saturation. It will find better ways to communicate and anticipate content you may want to see.

Kenya, the new Silicon Valley

How do we connect the 3/4 that aren’t online?

Mobile learning is to deliver education in Africa. Communication via web streaming with millions of new users will happen. This will be driven the developing world in the future, and will be extremely important as a mobile phone is usually the closest an average African will come to having a computer.

At Cambridge University – “computing for the future of the planet

The web is an indispensible part of our civilisation. Computing and sustainability – how to harness or control our carbon footprint and as a result optimise energy. People will have personal energy meters, pulling together information. Networks and censors will pull together an “internet of things” and data sharing will happen between objects via censors.

The Future of Advertising

We will all eventually pay for the new web, and advertising will get smarter too. More pervasive advertising will appear – with talking screens like in sci-fi films.

However to make advertising better, will this compromise our privacy?
We should be allowed to decide the threshold, making the service better without global access to private lives. There are already privacy concerns over passwords and cookies, but who will control this information?
The Global Giants

Ten of thousands of companies have become 150 thousand companies contributing to 60% of traffic, and Google holds 10% of that. The big players are controlling most of the internet world – with the introduction of netbooks and ipads this has significantly impacted the network. What will be the impact of fewer and fewer companies controlling the internet?


  • expanding control regime
  • legally liable for what you do
  • survey and control
  • human rights debate


  • unadulterated data
  • “raw data now”
  • web standards that hold its shape
  • open and free

With the move from web 1.0 to a new user generated web 2.0 – can the web remain free?
The battle for the soul of this invention continues…

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